"You'll be pleased to hear that Claire sailed through her mock exams without any noticeable stress.  Hard to believe, given what she's been like in the past just thinking about exams that were months/years away!"  MC Harpenden

Exam Attainment Coaching

What it's about


As an Attainment Coach, my focus is to help the student achieve a calmer experience when working towards and taking exams.  

The stress that often surrounds exams is likely to affect more than just the student.   Attainment Coaching may therefore help enhance the general household environment.

We all have automatic behaviours and sometimes those learnt behaviours stop benefiting us.  Working with me we can discover behaviour patterns that aren't working for you anymore and create the changes that can be of benefit.  

How I can help


As we work together you will learn techniques which can reduce the anxiety and nerves surrounding exams.

In sessions we will discover why your beliefs, values  and current behaviour pattens can hold you back.  We will work together to enable you to recognise your capabilities and get rid of any emotional hang-ups that are stopping you moving forward.   

Achieving your goal


At the end of the coaching you can experience  a totally new way of approaching exams, enabling you to focus on the tasks at hand and achieve your very best results.

Don't let your unconscious behaviour get in the way of achieving your very best.  Call me on 07979 800347 for a free telephone consultation.

Contact Me

Drop me a line at barbaracross@cognitivefreedom.cuk

Better still, give me a call on 07979 800347

I love it when people want to find out more and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to create the changes you seek.

I offer 1 to 1 sessions both in Wiltshire and over the internet utilising ZOOM.  Each session is 55 minutes and costs £80.    

A package of 4 sessions is £300.  

Cognitive Freedom

Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

07979 800347


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